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    Fail to replicate to superagent after update MA 4.5 from patch 2 to patch 3

      I have a superagent repositories which running Mcafee Agent (Patch 2) and working fine.

      However, after I upgrade the agent to (patch 3), the replication task fail with error 10060.


      Then I try disable the firewall on the superagent, it can replicate again.

      I found that the firewall block the port 8081 but there is a exception list for the "FrameworkService.exe" which works perviouly.


      Finally, I manually add the port 8081 in the firewall exception list and all back to normal.


      I just wonder, why the exception list for the program "FrameworkService.exe" not allow the port 8081, its working fine before the agent update.


      Anyone have any idea about it?