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    Can't activate

      I can't open my McAfee Security Centre but instead I get a pop-up message to activate. I press the activate button but nothing happens. I loaded virtual technician and it indicated that everything was okay. I also noticed that my McAfee account does not show anything for products registered. The McAfee software came with my Dell computer and I had a three year subscription which expires in 2012 but it doesn't show up. The problem seems to have occurred after a recent Windows 7 automatic update. I tried to reinstall McAfee off the CD I received when I got the computer but I get a message that it is not compatible with Windows 7. I'm not sure what to do next. Any advice?

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          Hi there,

          Click on Start – click on start search and type  Run
          In the open prompt type services.msc
          In  the services local window - Double click on McAfee service and select the type to be automatic
          click on the recovery tab and change all three failures to be – Restart the service
          Do the above step for all mcafee service. (If you encounter any error in the mid, skip and proceed for the next McAfee service)
          Restart the computer and try opening security center




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            Thank you for the suggestions Dinesh. I followed your instructions and then restarted. Security Centre still doesn't open.


            I changed all of the McAfee services in the services local window to "automatic" and I changed all of the failures in the recovery tabs to "restart the service". I applied the changes, clicked OK for each one and then restarted the copmputer. There were some exceptions though as follows:


            For the McAfee Firewall Core Service, I was able to change it to automatic but under the revocery tab all three failures reflect "take no action" and I could not change any of them to  "restart the service".


            For the McAfee McShield, I could not change "automatic delayed start" to "automatic" and under the recovery tab, I could not change the subsequent failures from "take no action" to "restart the service".


            For the McAfee Personal Firewall Service, I could not change the subsequent failures from "take no action" to "restart the service".


            For the McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service, I could not change any of the failures from "take no action" to "restart the service".


            When I ran the virtual technician, it indicated that McAfee was okay. Does that mean that I still have all of the McAfee protection or does it mean that I have no protection? I am certain that my McAfee subscription is good until 2012. Is there a way to download a new version from the McAfee web site to start fresh and reinstall a Windows 7 compliant version to solve the problem?


            Thanks for your assiatnce.



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              Hey Bill,

              Do not worry about your PC safety as the McAfee scan engine and real time scanner are always engaged to protect your PC against any suspicious programs. Its just that you are unable to open the security center console.

              Please logon to http://us.mcafee.com/root/login .asp with your email address (@rogers.com) one /and your McAfee account password.

              Note  : If you are unsure about the password , then go ahead and use the forgot my password option down on the screen

              If you are able to successfully login to your McAfee account and see your products until 2012 – (I could see it from our info )


              Then proceed with the instructions here in  this document : http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100507  and you should be good to go. Do keep me posted mate >


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                Thank you Dinesh. I logged on again to the McAfee site and I noticed that my subscription now appeared with the information concerning expiry date. Previously my account did not even show that I had any registered McAfee software. I guess somebody at McAfee must have changed that. Anyway, I proceeded to download the software again. After that everything worked fine. The Security Centre now opens up and everything is active.


                Thanks again.



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                  You are welcome Bill