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    Corporate iPhones - Installing McAfee EMM from iTunes query

      We are in the early stages of preparing a rollout of iPhones for senior staff. These devices belong to the company - not individuals.


      The documentation says to in order to download the McAfee EMM app that we will be prompted for an iTunes account.


      Can we use the developer account we are creating (in order to get our MDM certificate) to download this app and set up the device or do we have to get each individual (60+ people for now) to create an iTunes account or log on to the device with their existing account so we can provision the devices?


      I'm supposing an alternative is to register an IT user account and authorise/deauthorise the devices due to the maximum of 5 devices you can have on an iTunes account for individuals.


      How are others provisioning iPhones with McAfee EMM?





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          We are allowing users to use their own itunes account or if they do not have one we help them create one using their corporate email.


          The problem with using one account as you mentioned is that you will have to provide them with the user/password for that account if they plan on downloading any apps in the future.


          Also if you did not know, there is a way to create an itunes account without a credit card. You have to add a free app to your cart, then create the account and the "None" option shows up under payment options. Obviously some people do not want a credit card on file.



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            Thanks for your response Joey.


            We've been struggling with EMM 9.5.5 on a Domino environment for the past few weeks. We've been getting the "Login.aspx - not inferential auth mode" errors on the EMM DMZ server so nothing worked as it should. We've been talking with tech support on this and had it escalated. This issue is resolved in the next version which we plan to deploy upon release.


            Back to the original question - we're going to go with staff registering their corporate email address with an iTunes account. And they won't be installing iTunes on their corporate machines. We don't need the headache.


            I'm assuming it's due to the restrictive nature of the Apple iTunes Store as to why there is no other way (currently) to push the EMM application to iPhones. I would hope that Apple gives IT some tools to make deploying these devices easier in the enterprise longer term.