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    McAfee products and Windows 8 support for home users

      Home (consumer) McAfee customers who plan to upgrade or migrate to Microsoft Windows 8 will also need to update their McAfee security products. All versions of McAfee security software released prior to September 2011 do not support Windows 8. Microsoft will block installation of these products on Windows 8. This applies to fresh installations, new PCs and upgrades from earlier Windows versions.


      If you have Security Center 11.x or lower it is not compatible with Windows 8. The version number required to support Windows 8 is TBD at this time.


      To check which version of Security Center you have double-click the taskbar icon to open it (or right-click>Open SecurityCenter) then click "About" in the lower right-hand corner of the window.


      If you are planning to try Windows 8 public beta (when it is released), McAfee will be offering a beta edition of our new consumer products that we'd love to have your feedback on. Keep an eye on http://beta.mcafee.com to see when this starts!


      This post will be updated with more information as it becomes available, including dates and versions for our releases.




      Rob Targosz

      Senior Software Architect

      McAfee Consumer