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    VSE 8.8 causes DFS transfers to fail when 802.1x is enabled

      We are preparing to roll out 802.1x on our network.  Our test workstation is running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.  It has VSE 8.8 installed and managed by ePO 4.5.  For our test, this particular machine has 802.1x RADIUS authentication enabled via GPO.  ePO has VSE policy set to scan network drives.


      Whenever we try to move large (>100 MB) files to a DFS replicated share (hosted on two Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise servers on the same subnet as the client), we get a network error.  Note that this happens only when 802.1x is enabled (on the machine, it doesn't appear to matter if 802.1x is enabled on the switch port), AND network drive scanning is turned on in VSE.  Once we turn off one or the other, DFS operatates normally.


      This is a huge issue, as were are required to have network drive scanning turned on, per security policy.  Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or know of a fix?  Symantec has an article related to this issue with their product, just wondering if McAfee is aware that they seem to have the same issue too.

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          I haven't heard of this issue from any other sources.

          The Symantec article you cited also contains a solution, saying to disable the network drive scan option. (Which isn't a solution, right?)


          It would be a work around, hopefully one your security policies will allow until a solution can be identified.

          You would need to work with our Support team and potentially work through a variety of troubleshooting and data gathering steps to help us better understand the issue. Whatever the case, I can see from here that one won't be easy to solve - finding root cause being the most difficult hurdle.

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