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    Console cable for NPS m-3050

      First, thanks in advance for any advice, hints, clues, or answers any of you wonderful people are able to provide. Here is my question:


      I've recently taken over as an administrator at a facility. My predecessor purchaced over a year ago, an NPS M-3050. It was racked, but never turned on, never configured, etc. All of the contents of the box in which it came are gone. I have no way of accessing the device. Basically, I'm looking for a way to find, or more preferably build, a console cable so that I can access the device. Look as I may, I cannot find pinouts or any real information as to how this can be accomplished.


      It also occurs to me that there may be a default IP address, username/password, etc. for access this device via ethernet. If anyone would happen to have a suggestion on resolving this issue or can point me in the right direction for documentation, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Unfortunately, the documentation I've found mentions none of this.


      Thanks again!

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          The cable you need is a straight through serial cable, not a null modem.

          The default settings for your terminal program (puTTY, Hyperterm etc) are 38400 baud,  8 data bits, 1stop bit, no parity. (This is for the M series, the I series is 9600 baud.)

          Default username and password if it's never been configured is admin, admin123