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    BLANK Mcafee window!

      Okay, this really annoying problem came by a few days ago and I've been searching online ever since, to find a solution for it. I have Mcafee Total Protection on Windows Vista basic 32-bit and my default browser is Mozilla Firefox 5.0 and I also have IE 9 installed on this computer.


      However, when I was searching for a solution, most of it stated that IE9 was the problem but I had installed IE9 a month or 2 earlier, and Mcafee was working fine with it.  Anyhow I uninstalled it and downgraded to IE8, but the Mcafee window was still totally blank and unresponsive. So I installed the IE9 again.


      The icon in the system tray is also not responsive, so I can't right-click and check for update or anything.

      I also would not like to get rid of the whole service, as my subscription ends this december.


      I'd like a proper solution for this please!!

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          Peter M

          McAfee relies on IE for its function regardless of default browser. Did you at any stage have a beta or 'RC' version of IE installed which you never uninstalled but simply updated over the top?   What operating system and service pack are you using?  Check this by right-clicking 'Computer' and selecting Properties.


          Try opening IE and going to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset, Apply and OK any prompts.


          Close and reopen IE and go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable any you need.


          See if that helps.

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            Thanks so much for the quick reply!

            I installed IE9 through the windows update, and it's not Beta ot 'RC' version. I'm using Windows Vista Home Basic (32bit), SP2.


            I tried what you said, but it's still blank.

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              Peter M

              Hmm, very puzzling.  We used to see this a lot in beta versions of IE.  There are various suggestions published in several other threads on the same subject but none of them were acknowledged as the final solution.


              I suggest you open a new case with Technical Support online chat linked via Useful Links at the top of this page.


              If necessary they can connect with your machine to troubleshoot plus you can escalate the issue to a higher level if necessary.

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                Thanks for trying to help.

                As I was uncomfortable on having to download a chat in order to get help, I went on to uninstalling the service using MCRP, but I deactivated my license first so that it doesn't get confused with how many licenses there is really left after I uninstall it. After removing the software, I booted my PC and logged onto my account to downloaded it again.

                Now there is no problem with it, and hopefully it stays that way.

                I hope this method works for other people who may be trying to get this annoying problem fixed.

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                  Peter M

                  That's good.  I was going to suggest it and changed my mind....well that should teach me to go on instinct in future..LOL


                  Glad it's OK now.


                  FYI re: licensing. if you uninstall via the Control Panel before running the MCPR removal tool that will also deactivate the license online automatically.  Useful to know for the future.


                  Good luck. ;-)