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    How to restore my D partition?

      My working laptop has two partitions(C: and D:). My data are kept in D:. The disk is encrypted with Macfee endpoint encryption.

      After I installed a CDDVD image burning software, windows fails to bootup with BSOD. No access to my data in C: or D:.

      Then I installed Windows on C: but D is not acessible.  How can I restore my data in D:?


      I called IT support but they say this is not supported and there is no way to restore the data.

      I burned a EETech CD but I have no authorize code for today(I don't have the grant# to get it) and clicking authentication "Token" returns "Error EE020006: ...disk information not present".


      Can some one give me the authorize code for today emails removed by moderator for your safety and share sucessful steps to restore data in my case?  Thanks.


      By the way, I can install a copy of Macfee Endpoint Encrypt on my new OS. Will it be helpful to read my data in D:?








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