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    Issues with Signature 933 Network DoS Protection Settings Modified

      I have a signature that comes up hundreds of times a day in our event logs and made an exception for it 2 weeks ago, but it still keeps popping up daily in our event logs, and it the process still keeps getting blocked. The following is a summary of the exception.


      Would it be safe to make C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe a trusted application instead?






      Exception name:   Network DoS Protection Settings Modified 

      Status:  Enabled 

      Policy name:  Policy - Servers (Template) 

      Created:  Thu Jul 14 18:42:10 EDT 2011 by xxxx

      Modified:  Tue Jul 26 17:27:05 EDT 2011 by xxxx 


      Parameters:  1.new_data = 01000000



      Processes:  1.C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe


      Users and groups:  1.   NT Authority\Local System 

      Signatures:  1.   933