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    Full System Scan took HOURS and slowed computer immensely




      I am on a laptop with Windows XP 2002 SP3. The laptop was running pretty slow and so recently I uninstalled a few programs not needed, defragged the laptop, did a disc clean-up, and cleared cache and cookies, and I also quit programs on tool bar from running that are also not needed upon boot-up.  This seemed to help a bit with the speed but it's still a tad slow at times.  Then a full system scan started up and was slowing up the computer immensely which made it difficult to use during scan.  I clicked "run in background" in hopes that'd help (it didn't seem to) and the scan took over 6 hours to complete!  Is that normal? 


      I also checked the box that said to turn off the computer at end of scan when finished if no issues.  There were no issues found to need to take action on but the computer did not shut off automatically.


      Also, It did find three trojans infecting files but fixed them for me.  I wanted to see what files were infected (the results) but couldn't find where to get a report. 


      As an aside, I have done a Malware bytes scan and there appears to be none found. 


      Thank you,