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    2 Issues: Getting Renew Subscription msg but it IS renewed & Activation msg too




      I installed McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 recently on my laptop - I am using Windows XP 2002 SP3. 


      Issue #1:  Activation Message


      I got a pop-up message from the beginning saying I needed to activate the subscription and had until the end of this month to do so.  However, in order to do this I need the product number and the person who bought the disc (who owns this laptop which I am borrowing while my pc is not operable) cannot find the product number.  Do we need to activate the product?  I thought by installing it, it is then automatically activated? 


      Issue #2: Renew Subscription


      Today I booted up the laptop and got another McAfee pop-up window saying my subscription has ended and needs to be renewed and I am no longer protected.  What is that about?  I just installed the product. 


      Thank you,