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    McAfee VirusScan v8.0i and Explorer.exe in XP

      How does McAfee interact with explorer when run on an XP SP2 system ?

      When I browse to a directory containing both trivial files and ZIP files (1 at 60Mb & 1 at 110Mb), the response of the system goes very slow. I have used process monitor from SysInternals and noticed that this is because McAfee is scanning the ZIP files 8kB at a time. The disk access becomes very high because it is loading these files bit by bit, so it effectively freezes all programs that rely on disk access. This is made worse because the ZIP files contain JAR files which are then scanned.

      I have a second directory with 3 hugh ZIP files (512Mb each) ... installation ZIP files.
      Again using the process monitor I notice that it scans 1 of the ZIP files but not the others ? And the response time, before the mouse returns, is about the same.

      I think that Explorer opens the files to detect the type of file and the associated icon. Because the file has been opened, so McAfee VirusScan will scan the file. Corporate Policy dictates that we scan files and also scan on read. Why does it only scan 1 file on the second directory. I notice too that it only scans those files that are visible in the window. If there are a lot of files the files outside the window, they are not scanned until the window opens.

      Can anyone shed any light on this ? I am new to McAfee ... and this forum .. and we are using Enterprise V8.0i with updated definitions.

      Many thanks