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    Manual Remove Mcafee DLP Agent


      We have some clinet have work issue, How do I remove Mcafee DLP 9.0 patch 1 agent by manual.

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          HDLP may be uninstall via Windows Add/remove programs.  You may need code from your system adminstrator, though...




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            U tryed hard means


            still u did't unable to uninstall the DLP ....



            Kindly download the revo uninstaller for free....& try it....


            it will remove sucessfully .....




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              manually it will not remove without the code.....


              try it as per the above instruction.....





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                Manual removal of Host DLP Endpoint solution can be done if the 'Show challenge-response on uninstall' options is Disabled - by default it is Enabled.


                **** Warning: this should only be done if you're removing the product from the entire environment because this protection feature exists to keep users from bypassing the DLP controls by simply removing the product.


                To change this:


                ePO | Menu | Data Protection | DLP Policy | Agent Configuration | Advanced Configuration

                Check the 'Show challenge-response on uninstall' check box, and then select 'Disabled' to the right


                Apply this policy and wake-up the the agents.


                The DLP product can now be removed using Add/Remove Programs, or other method of your choice.


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                  I deploy dlp from epo in one of my systems mistakely, and also after installing dlp I run the uninstall task to remove it. but my system does not show to have dlp in uninstall program feature and I can not find it to uninstall it.

                  in my epo it does not show to have dlp in that system!! but when I start this computer it gives me alarm that one or more Mcafee product were install and require the system restart!!!how to solve this problem???and remove it completely?dlp.PNGdlp2.PNG