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    Downloading MSXML

      I hope I'm asking this in the right place.


      I had to reinstall McAfee SecurityCenter recently on my computer with Windows 7 Home Premium (which took 9 hours because I have a dial-up connection). When the progress bar indicated that all 155,000 KB had been downloaded, I got the notice "Installation Incomplete", and was advised that the problem might be solved if I did the following:


      Install MSXML versions 3 and 4, then install the McAfee suite:

           Download and install MSXML version 3 (MSXML3.msi only).

           Restart the computer.

           Download and install MSXML version 4 (MSXML.msi only).

           Restart the computer.

           Install the McAfee Consumer 2007 or later products.

           Restart the computer.


      At Microsoft.com, I went to Microsoft Download/Windows, and tried to find the 2 files. I made various searches for "MSXML version 3" and "MSXML 3", and the same type of searches for version 4. I couldn’t find the specific files listed by McAfee in either case. Can anyone give me specific instructions to find them? Thanx a lot.