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    Game launch file quarantined as a virus Artemis!8A2BB0CB204D.


      I need to know how I can get my real-time scanner to accept a file. I had to turn it off to install the game because it immediately pulled the file and quarantined it, then the game would no longer install. It installed fine with RTS off. Turned it back on, and as soon as I try to launch the game, it pulls the file as a virus and quarantines it. Says it's some Artemis! with a bunch of numbers. I go into my quarantine log to "Trust" it and all there is is "Delete", "Restore" and "Send to McAfee". I tried several times ot retore it. Even if I looked at the game file without trying to launch it,the virus scan would pull the file.

      Why does McAfee have a "Trusted Items" log, but no way to trust it? I have the latest Security Suite with all the updates,

      Do I need to do a full scan and wait for it to pull it there? Seems to me it still automatically quarantines everything with no way to "trust" it.


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