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    MWG 6.8.7 - test in VMWare




      we installed MWG 6.8.7 in VMWare for testing purposes.


      We can log in on the video console with user 'root' and password '00000000'


      Login  to the GUI with user 'admin' and password 'webwasher' is also working.


      But we are not able to login via ssh.


      We tried user 'root' and password '00000000' ==> access denied

      We tried user 'root' and password '29277871' (last 8 digits of mac address) ==> access denied


      mac address is:

      [ethernet0.generatedAddress = "00:0c:29:27:78:71"


      Any ideas what may be working wrong?


      Another question is about the license file we can install on the test installation. Can we take the license file we are using in our prodcution environment? Or do we have to ask support for a test license?


      Hope anyone can help.


      Thanks in advance.