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    Done with McAfee

      That’s it.  SecurityCenter just told me to reboot so it could install the newest version, so I did -- and now Outlook refuses to load.  I had to force-close it.  When I tried again, it gave the error message:


      Outlook experienced a serious problem with the ‘mcafee addin’ add-in.


      …and advised me to disable it.  I’ll do better than that -- I’m uninstalling this piece of crap that Dell put on my new PC whether I wanted it or not.  I’ve had past versions of McAfee and they caused nothing but headaches.  I see nothing’s changed.  “McAfee -- making users’ lives miserable since 1989.”


      Seriously, folks; there’s no reason to pay companies like McAfee (Intel) to cause you more grief than they save you when there are freeware alternatives (Microsoft Security Essentials, Spybot, etc.) that provide good protection without all the headaches.  Commercial antivirus programs have become largely obsolete, but it’s a multi-million dollar cash cow they’re not about to stop milking.  Spread the word.

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          After you unistall dont forget reboot then run the MCPR tool under useful links.If you don`t use the MCPR you will be left with remnants of Mcafee 2011.Which could affect your next security product.I can relate and will do the same when my sub runs out.But unfortunatly they dont care.

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            Man, I agree with you. McAfee has become undependable and now requires a higher of computer skills to fix some of the problems created by their updates. This is getting old.

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              Btw what outlook version Mcafee dropped toolbar for outlook versions prior to 2003. maybe this was what caused the issue.



              As programs get more complicated they need more resources to run. 512Mb ram is the minimum 2011 version needs and nothing can be left when Mcafee is hard at work say scanning.


              An upgrade to the PC of the ram to 1.5Gb or 2gb will do wonders for it's speed.