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    McAfee Internet Security 2011 Installation Problem

      I need some help from you guys please. I have just tried to install McAfee Internet Security 2011 and I get a message comes up saying that AVG 2011 is causing a problem uninstall first which I have done long before i tried to install McAfee but still no chance. How do i get shot of everything AVG on my computer and Install McAfee please.


      Gridman 2012

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          Peter M

          From AVG's website:


          If you experience any problems with the uninstallation procedure, please follow the steps below:

          • Download the latest installation file of AVG from the Download section of our website.
          • When you are prompted, please do not open this file directly from the Internet, but click Save button and choose location where installation file should be stored. We recommend saving the file to the Desktop.
          • Reboot your computer.
          • Locate the downloaded AVG installation file (it has a four color square icon and its name starts with AVG...) and launch the installation by double-clicking on it.
          • Choose the Uninstall Product option in the Select Setup Type dialog.
          • Finish the uninstallation process and restart your computer.

          In case the uninstallation was not successful, please download the AVG Remover tool from following section to your Desktop (tool is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems). Run the downloaded tool and follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

          Try that and then retry your McAfee installation.






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            Hi gridman2012,

            This is from McAfee site where we have complied almost every piece of third party security software that might be detected during installation ,. Please make use of it and get back to us if you still have issues in downloading McAfee  .