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    Mcafee reg handle leak??Event veiwer

      Many Mcafee problems have occured since this Install of Mcafee 2011.I also had the same problem last year when downloading the new 2010 version.So besides being very frustrated I looked in my windows event veiwer and saw a possible new problem.Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks.Image below.



      reg leak.JPG

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          http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/event-id-1530-user-pr ofile-service.aspx



          This behavior occurs because Windows automatically closes any registry handle to a user profile that is left open by an application. Windows Vista does this when Windows Vista tries to close a user profile.


          In versions of the Windows operating system that are earlier than Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must install the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service (UPHClean) utility to have the same functionality. However, the UPHClean utility is incompatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Additionally, the UPHClean utility is not needed because this functionality is built into Windows Vista.


          Note Event ID 1530 is logged as a Warning event. The application that is listed in the event detail is leaving the registry handle open and should be investigated.


          mcshield.exe ".... should be investigated".

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            Investigated????????? This has been a known problem for years.Unless they get Sherlock Holmes and Bill gates to investigate.I don`t believe there will be an answer.Thanks for saying it though.

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              UPHClean v1.6g readme.txt


              Many system and service processes do work on behalf of users.  When the work is done the system or service process is responsible for releasing handles it has to the user profile hive.  If this is not done by the service as the user logs off the profile cannot be unloaded.


              This problem in code can be caused by improper coding either in Microsoft software or 3rd party software (e.g. printer drivers, virus scanner service, etc).  With the information provided by the system there is no way to find out what software needs to be corrected to allow profiles to unload.


              This problem can be caused for a variety of reasons.  While software developers are typically very careful about releasing handles, developing software that works on behalf of a logged on user is complicated.  It is difficult for software developer to have full control over how the registry is accessed.

              Service developers might want to see KB article 199190 for more information.

              While it is possible to identify the service (see KB article 221833), it is sometimes difficult to track this down the specific problem code.  Even when you do identify the problem code there may be times when the developer of this code is not able to make the necessary changes.  This is the reason for UPHClean -- it takes care of the problem regardless of the reason why.


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                Thanks for trying to help.I do appreciate it.It just seems that  a lot of the problems here are backed up by some old theory.When you have more then 1 problems like so many users who have paid for Mcafee.It becomes old.If the fixes were handed down in a timely fashion and the costumer received a timely reply to their concerns.I don`t think so many people would be as frustrated and jumping ship.While all of the problems may not be due to the incompetence of the Mcafee software.I know that Mcshield has been a problem and has maxed out CPU`s as seen by the many posts on this topic.Thanks

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                  Hi Newjack,

                    I put that stuff in the thread to give the managers and techs something to read when this gets raised in Monday's conference call. If I can provide a link to a thread with a technical explanation of the problem it saves having to explain it all during the call. The problem you mention may be new, because I don't see the telltale event log messages that it would generate for XP.


                  As you say, mcshield is becoming a bit of a hot topic right now.

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                    This is a new one. No-one has seen this message before, and it will be investigated. Newjack, if you download MER from mer.mcafee.com and run it, you can upload the ouput file to Somer using ftp, or (if your email service will handle files up to 5Mb) try sending it as an an email attachment to Somer, and she will pass it on to be analysed.


                    You need to be in IE to download it. I'll PM you the relevant ftp destination or email address when you're ready to send. Select "Consumer Falcon" and save as a .tgz file.


                    If anyone using XP has this problem there is a Microsoft utility available which forces the unload of user profiles : this is UPHClean, available HERE. It doesn't work for 64-bit XP systems; nor is it available for Vista or Windows 7 because the program's functionality has been added in to those operating systems.

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                      Thanks Hayton, But I am spent on McAfee.It seems like McAfee wants their customers to do all the leg work.The proof is in the pudding.Basically a lot of people dont want to use tech support.The forums are run by volunteers donating their free time.But McAfee wants us to wait months for fixes, do registry hacks and upload info on things that should have been left on the cutting room floor.I dont have the strength anymore.I have never seen anything like this in the last 2 years here.Installs that dont install with default settings.Maxed out cpu`s,Mcshield .exe,Bad updates,crashed hard drives,disappearing files and folders,Registry handle leaks,Delayed protection on start up with windows security center,backwards I.p addresses in my network.so called smart timers that are not very smart,auto updates that are not auto and on and on............