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    McAfee scan took 19 hours

      My last McAfee virus scan started at 4 p.m. yesterday and lasted until 11 a.m. today, a total of 19 hours. It discovered no viruses. It normally takes about four hours.


      I used the Virtual Technician on the McAfee website and it found no problem with my McAfee software.


      I then tried to chat with a live technical support person on the McAfee site, but the Gotoassist function would not initialize.


      So I have no way to contact McAfee.


      Does anyone have any suggestion on why this scanning process is taking so long? If not, does anyone know any other way to contact McAfre if the Gotoassist function won't initialize?


      Thanks for your help

      Doug McArthur

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          Since an update recently my full scans are also taking around 18 hours when they normally took about 8. 3 hard drives, a 160 gig, 400 gig and a 1TB. The 1TB is about half full, the others about 70%. I have experimented with a custom scan and a drive at a time. My 1TB did the scan yesterday in about 3 hours (approx 220k items). Now doing the 400 gig and 4 hours later is at 58% on 120k items, so wondering if it is a hard disc problem rather than the mcafee. Although reading other posts on here it seems others are suddenly having slow scans....????

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            I am also having problems with the latest McAfee Security updates. Before the last update a full scan would take about 6 hours but I could still use my computer and Site Advisor nolonger woks with FireFox.Now a full scan takes about 35 hours and comsumes 100 of my processor. I can not use my computer untill the scan is complete. I have uninstalled the application 3 times and reinstalled it


            my configuration

            Dell 510

            Security Center ver 15.0.288

            Processor Dual 2.8

            3 GB memory

            Windos XP with SP3

            1TB Hard drive 70% free

            FireFox ver 5.0


            This is no power PC but I use to be able to use it before the lastest update


            I have been usinging McAfee for 10 years and they have always been very helpful, however, I have not had any help or advise with this since 7/23. I guess I will be forced to just ship to Kaspersky. I don't have any confidence in surfing with McAfee if I can't even get a sight alert!!

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              @mchuber : SiteAdvisor has been withdrawn from Firefox for a major upgrade to cope with Mozilla's rapid-release cycle. It should be back in a couple of weeks. Only Firefox is affected, and until then we are advising that customers can install WOT in Firefox to give an indication of website safety.


              As for the slow-scan question : I don't know why this is happening. On my hard drive (tiny by comparison, only 20Gb of data) the Quick Scan races through in half the time it used to take. And that's on an old slow P4 machine.

              HDD capacity may have something to do with it, but I don't see why it would. I'll let someone more knowledgeable pick up on this.


              And contacting McAfee : @mcarthur, is the gotoassist function in MVT? There is a Technical Support page at http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS which gives you options for contacting McAfee by phone (not free) and email or chat (both free).

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                Thanks for responding. Chat is not an option, the wait is too long. Email is a pain, it took me 15 minutes to find a link for email support. Unless you're a regular on this sight, email support is very hard to find. Email support should be a direct link on the home page.


                Thanks for the advise on WOT, I'll give that a try. I keep my box clean and defragged regularly. I shouldn't have this scan problem. It didn't show up until an update. If I can't use my computer I can't use the av. My renewal comes up in about 30 days, then I need to make a decision.

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                  Hi. Doug McArthur again.

                  I found a McAfee phone number and they agreed to talk to me without a charge since I am a long-standing customer.

                  What I found out was that the latest upgrade in June requires a 512 MG minimum of RAM (memory), which is exactly what I have on my computer. So I now can't do anything else when McAfee is doing a scan. And since there are other processes operating behind the scene at all times, those take some of the memory (even if I do nothing). Hence: the 19-hour scan.

                  My connection is high speed and half of my disc space is free, but without the memory now required for a McAfee scan, I am out of luck.The very helpful McAfee technical person recommended that I install an additional 512 MG chip. But I think I'll just buy a new computer instead. I wonder how many other people will also need to upgrade their memory or buy a new computer because of this latest upgrade. Of course, McAfee didn't inform users that  the upgrade could affect their computers.

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                    I suppose Mcafee just assumed that the users would look up their webpage for the new programs features. You can in custom and scheduled scan exclude folders and files that you feel are not needed to scan.


                    I personally feel that as the update to 2011 was automatic that I have seen several issues fixed by an uninstall reinstall path. Takes a bit of time and on 5212Mb ram might be a mute point.

                    If you are interested


                    reboot after the uninstall then go to your account and run the install. Ensure you have no anti malware programs installed such as malwarebytes they can be reinstalled after McAfee.


                    2011 scan is 50% faster than the 2010's scan


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                      I am curious if you found any relief?


                      My scans used to take 2-3 hours.  Then about a month ago they streched out to 6-7 hours.  Yesterday was 6.5 hours and that is after I erased about 200 BU files from an external disk....and closed every open application.


                      I even called and spoke with techinical support last week but, that did no good.  They erased a few TEMP files and installed/ran QuickClean.  I tried the Virtual Technician but it found no errors.


                      I am running XP with SP3 on a P4, 3 GHz, 2 GB RAM, and 2011 Antivirus Plus.

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                        @iac_alan : this is strange. I have an XP/SP3, P4, 2GHz, 1.5Gb RAM, and 2010 Internet Security. On mine a Quick Scan takes far less time than it used to. If MVT says it finds nothing wrong with your McAfee installation we can rule that out as a cause. How many drives are you scanning, and what's their capacity (and how full are they)?


                        Some ideas :

                        - You've done some disk cleanup using QuickClean. Download Piriform's CCleaner, which will remove some (possibly lots) more unneeded files.

                        - Defrag the disk. You can use the standard Windows defrag for this, or Piriform's Defraggler.

                        - Run chkdsk, checking the box for File System Errors. If you have doubts about the status of your disk drive, have chkdsk also check for physical damage to your drive (although this will take a long time to run).

                        - If you have many CAB files on your drive, and you know they're from a trusted source (such as Microsoft) you can skip them. The AV scan is slowed down by these.

                        - Is your drive, or are many of your folders, compressed or encrypted?

                        - Do you have any other antivirus programs installed?


                        Lastly, I assume your AV scans are not reporting any errors or problems (or you would have noted the fact). As a supplement to McAfee, you could always try running a program like Malwarebytes, or SuperAntiSpyware. It might pick up some PUPs or other unwanted programs.

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                          @Hayton:  I have a subsciption on 3 machines at work.  All have been incredibly slow the last 4-6 weeks.  Scans are run on different days of the week based on the user. 


                          Previous comment was posted in regard to Machine A which scans the C: drive - 107.1GB, 50.1GB free, D: drive 4.15GB, 1.43 GB free and an external drive 465 GB with 363 GB free.


                          Machine B is a P4, running XP Home, SP3, 3GHz, with 1 GB of RAM.  C: drive is 149GB with 120 GB free.  It has an extrnal drive for BU purposes only.  On Thursday I EXCLUDED all folders from the scan.  On Friday before the scan occured, McAfee installed an update that required a reboot.  The scan only took between 1.5 and 2 hours.


                          Machine C is similar to B but, runs at 2GHz.  C: drive is 93.3GB with 75.0 free.


                          You would be correct in your assumption.  MVT found no errors.  No other AV programs are installed.


                          I checked all 3 machines and was able to erase additional temp files and defragment each HD.  Will give it a few days to see if that fixed the problems. 

                          - I will investigate the HD contents of machine A and see if I can delete files and free more space before the next scan. 

                          - This machine received it update while I was typing....


                          Thanks for the leads!

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