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    Updating Version 8.0i

      Hi all,

      I've been running around trying to figure out how to get this off the ground. I need to get autoupdate running on a version of McAfee 8.0i which has an engine at 4400, and DATS back at about 4600. In order to get autoupdate, I need to update my engine to 5100 or later, and in order to update my engine, I need my DAT up to 4690. In order to autoupdate my DAT past where it is now, of course, I need autoupdate or a superdat from way back then. So, I'm in trouble. From another thread, I found a link to a doc which said it would show how -- but that document is gone. From this thread I got dat-4690.zip, but no instruction on how to make it work.

      Can anyone give me a hand?
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          I should have posted this in corporate, I think.

          Sorry to the mods for having to shuffle this one to the right forum, but would you please?
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            Moving your thread to the corporate "Desktop & Server" forum.

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            Please click on the link below and download the full Superdat to your desktop. Once it's there, double click on the file and it should update the scan engine to the current 5200 version and the DATs to the current one's available. (Currently "sdat5247.exe")If it's the first time to the link below, you will need to click on the "I Agree" button:

            http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/superdat.asp?region=us&seg ment=enterprise

            Hope this helps.

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              The engine is so old that this dat will not update. It tries to update the engine and/or the dat, and both fail.

              Is there something special about this particular file?

              In any case, I'll give it a shot, but I tried this yesterday.
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                First, which operating system are you using? Which Service Pack? If Vista, then VS 8.0i is not supported (I'm surprised you got it installed at all) and you'll need to install VS 8.5i for things to work correctly.

                If running XP or Windows 2000....

                Are you seeing an error message when it fails? If so, what error?

                Have you got the various "patches" for VS8.0i? They also require a minimum DAT to install but installing the Patches in sequential order provided some fixes for the update process..

                Another thought... Try a "forced" install of the Superdat.. On Windows XP, download the superdat to your desktop, then click on Start-Run... Eliminate anything from the "Run" line, then "drag" the sdat4257.exe file to the run line and drop it there. You'll see the location of the sdat4257.exe file indicated with quotation marks at the very end of the line.. Add and single space at the right end of the quotation marks, then type /f. Then click on OK.. It should allow you to force the installation of the Superdat.

                Hope this helps and let us know more.

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                  I am using Server 2003.

                  The error message I get is "Invalid DAT files" or similar, and then "Failed updating to datxxx version" and "failed engine update" or similar (that is, those are not exact error quotes)

                  I understand why I get them - my engine and DAT files are too old. However, I can't update the DAT because I can't get my hands on an old copy of the 4690 superdat.

                  I CAN however, get my hands on a copy of the 4690 DAT containing no executables except something called "validate.exe." I get that from the second link in my original post.

                  Actually, the readme there is at odds with the download - it refers to an xdat file which does not appear to be included?

                  Will the /f trick perhaps work even if my engine is too old?

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                    Have you tried it yet? Obviously, that will be the proof of the pudding.. And at this point, another option is to manually extract the dat files and update them by copying and pasting to the file system? (Follow the same procedure mentioned above to drag the most recent Superdat to the "Run" line.. Once it's there, add a single space and a /e, then click on OK.. All of the internal files will be extracted to your desktop.. Once they are there, copy the "clean.dat", the "scan.dat" and the "names.dat files to the appropriate locations in the McAfee file structure.. That should manually bring your dat number up to current. (On this XP machine, those files reside in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Network Assoicates\Engine)

                    After copying the new files to their locations, restart the machine and make sure the DAT number is correct by checking the McAfee shield in the lower right.. By the way, if the Superdat still doesn't install the newest scan engine after copying and pasting the dat files, you should be able to simply copy and paste the extracted "mcscan32.dll" over to the same folder as above.. Still, I would try the standard double click and install using the Superdat.

                    Strange that you're having the problem.. I've recently installed VS 8.0i on a number of XP machines and I've experienced no such problems.. But then again, I keep an old 4998-5100 scan engine Superdat, just in case.

                    Hope this helps.