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    Updating Question


      Okay, I was just wondering if this affected my McAfee Update.


      So, I am on a XP Home Service Pack 3 and I have McAfee Internet Security, I did a McAfee Update by right clicking the McAfee Shield and Selecting Check for Updates.  Apparently, McAfee was installing 3 updates, one of which was probably a Security Center update since I had Version 11.0.550.  After that it asked me to Restart Now or Later.  I select Now and my computer shutdown and as it was starting up, my computer said that the amount of System Memory has changed from 1GB to 512 MB.  This usually happens once or twice since my computer is about 6 to 7 years old.


      Next thing I did was hit the Power button and the computer turned off, I turned it on again and I didn't get a System Memory Changed, so I turned it off again after going to the Setup page to check to see if it changed back.  This time when I turned it on, the RAM said that I had 1GB, so I continued with the normal bootup of my computer.  After everything booted up, I checked and saw that McAfee Security Center was 11.0.572, VirusScan updated to latest DAT, and the Firewall update to 12.0.338.


      So the thing I am wondering about is that, did me turning off the computer because of the missing RAM affect the update, since the computer didn't technically follow standard Restart procedures which is to log off Windows and start back up Windows?