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    6.7.1 to 6.7.2 upgrade Any tips, hints and gothca's?


      So we have 4 appliances that are running 6.7.1 two inbound and two outbound Ironmail appliances. Mailrouting, EUQ and we use PATH based routing in Webmail for Active sync devices.  We have been using ironmail since 2004 and we have pretty much upgraded along the way and been able to export import config's so these 6.7.1 appliances have had configs imported from older devices potentially going back to 2004. Now because of this we have almost always had a lot of issues upgrading something always breaks and it is almost always a really horrible experience that we do not like to do.


      Well these devices have been in place for 1.5 years have worked well we are not having any major consisten issues. The only thing we really do see is that the web gui locks up on our devices alot and randomly the superq will back up on our devices but it does not happen that often.


      So now that I'm thinking it is about time to upgrade our appliances to 6.7.2 I would like any tip on this upgrade. We are on 6.7.1 HF7


      Is there anything we need to do before the upgrade? I heard something about trusted source using a different port or something like that. Do we need to implement some new firewall rules before the upgrade? Any known death like issues when doing this upgrade especially if the config has been imported from earlier versions?


      How far should I go after the upgrade with the HF's on 6.7.2? What is the latest stable version?


      Anything else I should watch out for or prepare for with 6.7.2?


      Hoping for a nice clean upgrade but we have yet to have a clean upgrade when upgrading to a major version which is part of the reason we have not upgraded yet. Any issues with webmail protection and active sync with the new versions?

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          Starting with 6.7.2 HF2, TrustedSource lookups will use https: on TCP 443 by default.  If your firewall doesn't allow that, Support can switch your Ironmail back to use port 53 or there is a patch you can download that will add a GUI option for you to do it yourself.  Here's the URL for the patch: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB68684&remove=false


          I'm in the middle of deploying new MEGs and upgraded one of my old IronMails running 6.7.1 HF7 to 6.7.2 HF5 so I could run a granular restore of the old config to the new hardware.  That mostly went OK, although I missed a few spots that had specific IPs that needed to be changed on the new MEG.  Also, the dashboard on the old box was pretty messed up after the upgrade, but that's purely cosmetic and I won't need to put up with it much longer anyway.  Brand new hardware is shipping with 6.7.2 HF5, although HF6 should be generally available pretty soon if it isn't already.  If you're going to go to 6.7.2, I'd suggest going all the way to HF5.  Maybe someone with experience with the interim versions will express an opinion here.


          I'm trying to sort out some pretty bad performance issues on the new hardware.  Mail flow seems OK, but the web console and CLI are both way slow.  6.7.2 is running fine on the old hardware that was upgraded, although that's not very meaningful because there's almost no load on the old hardware either.


          Hope this helps.

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