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    McAfee Anti-Spam and Thunderbird 5.0

      Hi -- I am using McAfee Security, Windows 7 and Thunderbird 5.0 email.  When I upgraded to Thunderbird 5.0 email (I ran an earlier version of Thunderbird with no McAfee problems), my McAfee Anti-Spam stopped working, i.e. all spam now goes to my inbox -- very annoying.  Does anyone recognize the issue ?  Is it a known problem ?


      Please note this is the only place I could find where I could successfully pose a question.  The the McAfee Online Support Technician software wouldn't initialize -- I let it run for 20 minutes before I stopped.  And, I tried downloading the McAfee Online Support Technician several times with no success.


      Thanks for any help you can lend ... Bill

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