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    Uninstalling MSE 8.5, Vendor issues

      Hello All,


      Perhaps someone can help me.  We are un-installing Mcafee Enterprise 8.5 on several machines. (and they will be decomissioned, or given to the staff)


      We have a perpetual license on these machines.  The vendor is stating they have to come in and verify that it has in fact been uninstalled. He claims that if I do a simple add/remove program uninstall he will be charged anyway, and they he needs to get something off the machines before they are uninstalled.  Is there validity to what he's saying?


      I read about manual uninstalling 8.5, and aside from add/remove program, they want to remove several registry keys, isn't that enough?  Does he want one of those keys?  For what purpose?



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          Not 100% clear on your scenario.


          Does your vendor manage your McAfee installation for you? In which case they can remotely uninstall Mcafee for you using EPO. He might be refering to the McAfee Agent that needs uninstalling as well.


          Although I would recommend a complete hard disk format and re-install of the operating system before you give away said machines which would then make all the issues above irrelevent.


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            I'm sorry for not being clear. 


            Yes the vendor came in to install the software, didn't leave any install disks or anything like that.  (Perpetual License)


            Some of the machines will be decomissioned but ALL of the machines will Mcafee removed.


            The Vendor is saying that if we just do an ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in control panel to remove the software, that it still will somehow contact Mcafee and he'll be charged.  He also mentioned that he needs to take down a code.   He didn't mention this to me, but went to my boss, and tried to double talk his way that he'd charge us for the time.


            When my boss talked to me I think my reaction was like, "I can't see what he would be looking for."  So in short, either I'm the a#@$hole or he is.  I do the desktop support, so my boss also asked the Server guy, and his response was 'that is total #$%."


            I've read the manual uninstall for Mcafee, and after Add remove, it does mention removing some of the Reg keys that are not needed.  Is this what he's talking about?


            I want to be a fair guy, and if the vendor wants to come and check if the software is uninstalled...sure.  I am not paying for him to do it.  Also, I always thought that there was a trust agreement between the Mcafee and 3rd party vendors, so about him being charged, I'm not even sure if that's true.  Am I being unreasonable?


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              If the vendor is not managing your install via EPO then as long as you uninstall VSE8.5 (manually or via add/remove) there's no way it will 'phone home' to McAfee with or without the registry settings. I don't think VSE8.5 was ever part of McAfees SaaS offering so there's no link back to McAfee that way either.


              I suspect he want's to do it as a chargable service and make a bit of money. Let him do what ever he wants to do but make it clear you won't pay him and see what he says.

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                Thank you Tristan for your concise and prompt reply.