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    VSE Error when upgrading 8.7i to 8.8


      I am well into upgrading all of my machines to VSE 8.8 from VSE 8.7i and the majority of the upgrades have gone smoothly. however I have some machines that get errors while running the upgrade. I am pushing the upgrade via ePO 4.5.4 HF1. In the VSEInst_.log i see this error:  Error - Could not run command to uninstall VSCore: 2


      At the end of this log I see:

      MSI (s) (04:F8) [10:29:18:210]: Note: 1: 1708
      MSI (s) (04:F8) [10:29:18:210]: Product: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise -- Installation operation failed.

      MSI (s) (04:F8) [10:29:18:225]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist
      MSI (s) (04:F8) [10:29:18:225]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603
      MSI (s) (04:1C) [10:29:18:225]: Destroying RemoteAPI object.
      MSI (s) (04:10) [10:29:18:225]: Custom Action Manager thread ending.
      === Logging stopped: 7/21/2011  10:29:18 ===
      MSI (c) (94:00) [10:29:18:225]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied.  Counter after decrement: -1
      MSI (c) (94:00) [10:29:18:225]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603
      === Verbose logging stopped: 7/21/2011  10:29:18 ===



      Any ideas as to what might be causing this?




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          are you running as an upgrade? or are you running a task to uninstall the previous 8.7 version and when complete install the new 8.8 version?

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            I ran into a very similar "1603" issue when moving from HIPS 7 to HIPS 8 (RTW).  I was told it was a bug in the Windows Installer and that I should wait until HIPS 8 Patch 1 which is supposed to rectify the issue.  In our case, the software was removed automatically as part of the in-place upgrade, but then the error occurred on installation of HIPS 8 and rolled back - leaving the system without any installation of HIPS whatsoever.  Obviously not ideal...