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    ASE 8.5 - how to make it useful?

      McAfee has acknowledged that ASE 8.5 is not exaclty useful and that "the next" version (9.0?) will rock.

      Until then how can I protect and clean my environment without using third party tools that in turn often cause issues themselves?

      Doc seems sparse but is it possible to setup ASE (or VSE) to prevent the installation of products? Limewire, *torrent, Bearshare, My WebSearch, Gator, Hotbar etc.
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          I've only tested this as we didnt find it worth buying, but i found that out of hours intensive scans on every PUP category known to mankind were the only usefull option
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            Do you have a source for this statement? The next version of VSE I am aware of is 8.6 or 8.7 and is scheduled for June 2008.
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              I inherited it so it sits there taunting me.
              With all PUP categories plus a few of my own custom defined detections I can scan a machine and find zippo, then download a free AS tool like Spybot and find 3-4 real threats (i.e. not cookies) and remove them.

              This leads to the customer and our Desktop + Service Desk learning to download third party tools. Our support groups keep asking me if ASE is even on since it basically catches nothing. This has serious negative impact as the customer may download more antispyware or install a legitimate program which locks their machine down for management and our support staff has learned to not have faith in McAfee protection.
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                I don't know what the next version is thus the "?"
                I'd be overjoyed if a dot release contained major changes to ASE.
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                  After testing we decided that the plugin to 8.5 didnt do much and wasnt worth it (especially for 10000+ lic)

                  I do give out advice on various tools that will work in tandem without screwing up the Mcafee VSE and tend to go for

                  spybot s&D
                  AVG ASPW 7.5

                  recommending weekly scans rather than using on access protection (which AVG finished doing after 30 days anyway on the free version)

                  I do hope they sort out the ASPW offering soon as it makes Mcafee a bit of a joke from a corporate point of view, we all know its **** but they still try to sell it to us talking about the wonderfull low impact joined up processes of them adding in some PUP categories to VSE that should have been free then charging us for them.

                  Makes my annual mcafee account managers meeting funny though :P
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                    Yep it's *** and they know it.

                    Due to that I am waaay to familiar with the products and others you've mentioned and it's laughable that we rely on free tools that have been solving these issues for 4-5+ years. The problem with these tools in a corp environment is they cannot remain on a machine in their default configuration or they may block management tools and or cause other issues.

                    Spybot for example will turn on Windows Firewall despite domain policies and presence of HIPS.
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                      thats wierd ive never seen spybot s&d switch on firewall, been remoted into enough pcs ive run it on and they all showed as ok afterwards, was that in the teatimer settings?
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                        Complain to your account manager and threaten to drop it as a product, something like 3-8 quid per lic isnt it dependent on volume??

                        Im just waiting for them to unveil something that will do the job.. but as I've seen no betas or anything im not that hopefull, its like they looked at the free competition and just decided not to do anything.
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                          spybot will detect that windows firewall has been disabled and attempt to 'fix' it by turning it back on.

                          you can select this detection and flag it so spybot ignores it in the future.

                          i think it is "Windows Security Center.FirewallDisabled" that comes up. afaik this is without teatimer (i dont think i have tested with it)
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