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    Issues with ePO 4.0 Build 1221




      I'm experiencing some issues with this epo version, some queries dont display the exact information. For exemple, i have 67 Distribuited Repositories which all are Super Agents.


      Some SA are displayed as Successful Replication (Query), but if i go check the repository folder the dat is not updated.


      I think the database is corrupted or something like that. The db size is 30GB.


      I was wondering if i update this ePO to 4.5 Patch 4 the issue will be resolved. But for make this i need  repair this database, purgin all events. But this cause of another problem,


      purging will make the .LDF grow up five times the .MDF file. And i dont have this space avaliable, wich is 50 GB free space.


      Any  have some idea to do this?


      Need some cautions with this procedures, because are 5k + managed agents.




      on 7/20/11 2:02:02 PM BRT