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    Assistance with best practices for ePO 4.6 client task scheduling

      I have my client tasks mostly ready to go, but as an ePO neophyte I'm not quite certain about specific configuration options and best practices, with specific respect to scheduling.


      As background, this will be a small (200 users or less) network that is not Internet-connected.  I am manually importing SDAT files.  I want ePO to immediately install the ePO agent and the VSE 8.8 when a new PC is introduced.  I also want each agent to automatically check in with the server a few times daily for new SDATs/policies/tasks/confguration changes.


      My current assigned client tasks and their configurations are as follows.  I'm seeking scheduling advice based on the attached screenshots.


      Here are my currently assigned client tasks:



      How often is a scheduled agent wake-up recommended?



      Will agents be installed immediately when a new PC is joined to the domain and detected by ePO?  What is therecommended schedule here?




      I want VSE to automatically be installed on each client as soon as it is detected and the ePO agent is installed. What should the schedule read here?



      When VSE is installed, I want each client to run a scheduled daily virus scan.  No issue here as it's straightforward and simple.



      Thank you!!


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          Possibly a couple of issues here. Firstly, by default, ePO won't install the agent on a newly-introduced machine (unless you are bringing that machine into ePO via an AD sync task.)

          What you're describing is the function of Rogue System Detection (RSD for short.) This can be configured to send an agent install to a machine when it's detected. Please have a look at the RSD section of the product guide for full details.

          Leading on from this, the scheduled agent deployment task is not going to do what you want it to,as it requires there to be an agent already present.


          Finally, with regard to updating, I would strongly recommend you manually check in the ePO DAT package rather than the SDAT. This way the client machines will be able to use the incremental update, whereas with the SDAT they'll all be pulling the > 100MB SDAT.


          HTH -



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            Thanks for the speedy response Joe.  Your advice makes perfect sense and I will look into RSD to meet my agent deployment needs.


            Regarding the ePO DAT VS ePO SDAT packages, as of today, the file sizes are nearly identical.  The ePO DAT is 112MB and the ePO SDAT is 111MB.  Am I misunderstanding something?



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              The ePO DAT package contains the full DAT set, and the last 35 incremental files. It's effectively a manually-importable version of the DAT folder on the McAfee download site.

              The SDAT contains only the full DAT set and an installer. So imagine a machine that is one day out of date: if you use the ePO dat pacakge, that machine will pull one incremental file across the network  -approx. 200k. If you use the SDAT, the same machine will pull the entire 110MB SDAT.


              Hope that makes sense


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                I agree with and understand the concept of what you're talking about, but what has me confused is that the files available for download are all over 100MB (as pictured above). 


                I think what you might be saying is that even though the downloaded file sizes for the ePO DAT and SDATs are over 100MB, the DAT files are internally structured differently so each client will only pull on the order of about 200k of incremental updates from the non-Internet connected ePO repository whereas each client will pull the entire 100+MB if the SDAT file were loaded into the repository.  Correct?