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      the scan takes several days and still doesn't complete itself.   how do i get a refund?   

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          Peter M

          Without any information whatsoever I can only generalize a response.   Scan taking overlong times to complete can be due to lots of things, CPU being used by other applications causing McAfee to 'throttle back', disk read errors (hard drive needs to be checked using the chkdsk transaction), heavily zipped and re-zipped files, a compressed drive, corrupted files (often the result of using registry cleaners or an infection).


          I might be able to assist more if I knew what operating system and service pack you are using and what version of McAfee protection.


          if you purchased your product from McAfee you can obtain a refund by calling them toll-free as long as it was within the previous 30 days or, if your subscription has been automatically renewed, McAfee will gladly provide you a full refund if your request is made within 60 days of being charged.:


          Telephone Customer Service

          To speak with a Customer Service representative, call 866-622-3911. You may be asked for your registered email address and order number. Telephone charges may apply.
          Average contact length: 10  minutes
          Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes
          Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6am-6pm Pacific


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