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    MS11-A04/KB2533623 update hides McAfee system tray icon(s)?

      On the following system:


      Vista Ultimate SP2

      McAfee Agent (P3 I think)

      McAfee VirusScan (P5 I think)


      After I used Windows Update to install Microsoft's KB2533623 patch, the McAfee icon (Red shield with M) no longer showed up in the system tray.  McShield, McTray, etc. all were running and communication with the ePO server was happening correctly.  I couldn't find any errors in the Windows event logs.  I uninstalled the Microsoft patch, and now the McAfee icon is there again.


      Does anyone else have a similar system?  Are you seeing this also, or does your icon show up OK?


      I haven't tested with Agent 4.6 or VirusScan 8.8.