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    Problem with SQL 2008 Filestream

      I have an issue with two sites that are unable to run a SQL Express 2008 database with filestream. As soon as I attempt to bring the filestream data online it generates the following sql log:


      Msg 5120, Level 16, State 106, Line 1

      Unable to open the physical file "C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.databasename\databasename_filestreamfolder".Operating system error 259: "259(failed to retrieve text for this error.Reason: 1815)".


      This issue is not happening on other sites, or on computers in those sites that do not have McAfee AV/DLP installed. As soon as the McAfee products are installed the filestream data becomes inaccessible.


      The are a number of 'fixes' for the SQL error on MS Technet and I have tried them all but none work. Have any of you come across this issue or have a solution? Perhaps any exclusions that should be set up to resolve this conflict?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.