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    How to import a xml config



      Beside the possibility to export/import rule set and related lists, can I import other system files, like adminRoles.xml etc.?


      I need to create 200+ admin users and roles and configure the permissions, it will takes hours if I do it manually.


      It was easily possible with WW6.x because all config files was in INI style but MWG7 introduced config checksumming and it dont works anymore.


      Do you have a solution for this problem?


      Best Regards

      Nyx Erebus

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          Jon Scholten

          Hi Nyx,


          On version 7 it is easier to authenticate using an external directory (such as AD), for which you can say, if a user is of "Web Gateway Admins" group, they have access to the GUI, you can also assign roles based on those groups too. This removes the need for addtional accounts like this.


          There isnt a easy way to bulk import users for GUI access as internal admins.



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            what about an another example: we have about 250 policies with a 5 lists each = 1250 lists, how to set permissions for lists and policy-rulesets to restrict view/edit permissions for policy-admins only?

            The GUI let you to set permission for one object only, you cannot select multiple items and change permissions.


            There is no way I'll do it manually (do a math: to set a permission you need ~10 clicks, => 15000+ clicks!!).


            The XML conf which can be saved with the export function has no acl information in it, so I cannot apply permissions with the "import from file.." button.


            I cannot automate the clicks too because Swing (Java UI) dont know right click if sent with the keyboard..





            best regards


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              Hi Nyx,


              maybe someone knows a different way but in the past I have been doing this a couple of times by running a script over the existing configuration. This is not very elegant, but for my cases it was only required once, e.g. after an initial configuration was finished. If you apply small changes later it should be possible to set the permissions accordingly.


              We definitely need some more features here, especially something like CTRL+A to mark all lists, right click -> change permissions for all lists. Unfortunately in the currentl version this is not possible.


              If you need help changing permissions for your existing configuration please let me know, this should be possible.