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    Computer is at risk, several times a day, everyday

      I have used Norton since the 90s.

      Bought a new Lenovo laptop, and bought McAfee for the first time.

      It has been a huge pain in the rear.

      I hope someone can help me so I don't have to uninstall and go get Norton.


      Like hundreds of other people on this site, I get the my computer is at risk message several times a day.
      Firewall says it is on.

      Real time says it is on.

      The warning says one of them is off.


      I have run the MVT, the one you get to from the bright red post to the right on the "Technical Support for Home and Office" page.

      It finds nothing wrong.

      When it is done, it says I can e-mail or chat with someone.

      It doesn't say where.

      I click the chat / e-mail icon, and it tells me I have to run MVT again.

      When I try to run it directly from the "Technical Support for Home and Office" page, it never loads, and intalizes forever.

      I therefore have no way to get access to the e-mail or chat support that allegedly exists.


      Everyone has the same problem and it seems like you  need to make contact with someone on here who will give you some sort of secret backdoor access to help.

      So help me PLEASE!!!!


      Thank you in advance.

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          Ok my reading of this issue is

          1 you have been updated automatically to the 2011 version ie the 1 with "about" link top right front page ogf the GUI.

          2. You might have Malwarebytes or another anti malware program on the PC

          3. Due to either 1 or 2 or both the install got corrupted. I have seen several posters here get it working if they uninstall Mcafee


          reboot and uninstall all other anti malware program then run

          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe


          and reinstall from your account.


          Reinstall your other anti malware software provided it does not have real time components they will clash with Mcafee.


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            I do not see an "About" on the top of McAfee.

            I assume you mean on the "Security Centre"?

            I am unable to find any information in the program itself, help menu or elsewhere, which indicates the version I have.


            I did not install a malware program on my laptop.

            It is a brand new Lenovo.

            Looking through my programs, I see the following that I did not install - well there are other programs but they are clearly not malware programs:


            Hotspot Shield

            Lenovo Security Suite (the laptop came with McAfee trial)

            Active Protection System

            Handbrake (there is a folder for it, but it says it is empty).


            Which of these, if any, should I uninstall?

            I cannot reinstall them, because I do not have discs for them.


            The warning is only  happening once a day now.

            Which is less annoying.

            Perhaps the MVT corrected something but just did not indicate there was a problem.

            I would still like to have it not pop up at all, so I will try your recommendation re: the malware programs and reinstalling.



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              Hotspot shield

              Once the program is installed, it creates an HTML link on your desktop. Double-clicking on it will open the application in your Web browser, and you'll be taken to a page detailing your Connection Status, IP Address, Server Address, Bytes sent and received, and the duration of the connection. Hotspot Shield is ad supported, so you'll get a big banner ad that lives at the top of every Web page, too. Closing the tab with the app's control panel doesn't disconnect the shield, though: for that, or to reload the control panel, you have to go through the green shield icon that gets loaded into your system tray. Also, there's a 5 GB transfer limit.


              I would not use it


              Lenovo security suite

              Checking what is in this though might be the cause. Having a problem getting full info on this

              Seems to work off a chip  embedded and protects passwords etc



              There is a possibility part this might react with Mcafee's firewall My feeling that is.


              Active protection System This another Lenovo software maybe monitors hard disks

              Like an airbag's sensor, Active Protection System can detect sudden changes in motion and temporarily stop the hard drive to help protect your valuable data from some crashes that could occur due to everyday notebook accidents.

              Leave alone


              Really you need to discuss this with chat contact them via tech services link in useful links tab above.


              Re version go to navigation and is there an about far left of screen (Security center's screen that is)


              If about is there you have 2010 version.


              I do feel you need to reinstall, Chat will do it for you in a call back.


              What affid have you it is in the about info?