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    Mcshield.exe High Virtual Memory Usage

      I'm rather suddenly having the problem with mcshield.exe running constantly at high (30 to 75%) CPU percentage rates.  Started on my older XP computer two or three days ago and my newer Dimension E510 (2 GB Ram, etc) yesterday.  Winlogon.exe also runs a a similar percentage.  Hard drives are defragmented, ran Malwarebytes on both machines with nothing significant found, no apparently virus activity, no changes to the computers or software installed other than the normal updates from McAfee and Microsoft which are automatic. 


      I turned off Real-time Scanning on both computers and the problem totally went away on both of them with the System Idle time immediately rising to near 90% per Task Manager.


      I have three McAfee licenses, but haven't checked my Vista notebook lately which has the third license on it.  It's only used periodically and stays in its case otherwise.


      The time span of this thread and the many other references to this and similarly described McAfee problems is stunning. 


      I've had McAfee Antivirus for a LOT of years, but getting tired of visiting the user forum.  Glad to see that SPyron is still around though, hi!  I remember working on a RAM memory "leak" (I think that was the last one anyway - Islandgirl was much involved with that one too) which resulted in a McAfee update which fixed the problem.


      Yet again - help!


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