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    OnAccess Scan (McShield.exe) Freezes System, Generates Windows Event ID 5051 and 1008

      VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 Patch 4

      Managed by ePO 4.0


      We have a user reporting a recurring issue with one system in which McShield.exe is apparently consuming all system resources, then terminates generating Windows event ID 5051 and 1008 errors.


      What's unusual is that Windows event 5051 is stating the timeouts are occuring on a RAID 5 device, but are not specifying any particular filename:

      Object being scanned = \Device\HarddiskVolume4\ by C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe


      I have already reviewed the following related threads:










      According to 133545, this issue was supposed to be fixed by patch 4.  However, we have Patch 4 installed.  Furthermore, questions asking if Patch 4 actually fixes this issue remain unanswered.


      We have already attempted:


      Checked for hardware issues

      Disabling ScanOnProcessEnable (this was already disabled at the ePO console)

      Uninstalling and reinstalling VSE 8.7

      Implementing the RunAtNormalPriority workaround


      Where to go from here?

      Was this issue supposed to be fixed by patch 4?