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    SiteAdvisor Blocking Legit Sites

      I recently had to re-format my HD and upon re-installing McAfee SiteAdvisor I've found that its starting to block sites I KNOW are legit and, even more strangely, it let me access before the re-format. Clicking on the "visit anyway" link does absolutaly nothing, the page just sits there.


      Is there any way to OK certain sites with SiteAdvisor or even disable the software (I can't find an opption for this). It's getting quite annoying not being able to get to sites I know are good.


      Thanks in advance.


      BTW, I'm on a Windows 7 x86 laptop and use Google Chrome as my browser.

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          The 'Visit Anyway' problem is one I see in Chrome but not Internet Explorer. I reported it as a possible bug and if the dev teams can find the time they'll fix it. Right now they're all tied up on a Firefox rewrite for SA.


          Yes, you can tell SiteAdvisor that certain sites are not to be blocked or rated. Click on the (green?) McAfee icon in your browser toolbar and select Options. You should see a window something like this :

          SA Options.JPG


          In 'Trusted Sites' enter the sites you want to go to without being warned by SiteAdvisor. That should work.

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            Thanks, Hayton. It seems that the McAfee button didn't appear in the browser by default so I didn't know it existed. 0_o But I followed your suggestion of adding the sites to the Trusted Sites list and now it works wonderfuly. Thanks very much!