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    WebGateWay-property in Template



      I've changed the default template (default Schema / en / html) to add our company name / logo and to link to our comapny acceptable use policy.

      I've also added a html part that allows the user to automatically create a ticket for our help desk system. This is a special URL that creates a new support ticket.

      I use some WebGateWay properties to get more information for the ticket :  http://<ip of our help desk system>/create.php?init&title=WebGateWay : $Block.Reason$&text=Block ID : $Block.ID$\nReason : $Block.Reason$ ...

      This works great for "blocked" sites (URL Filter, Certificate, ...) but if there is a "real" error like "Bad Gateway" or "Bad Request" i always get (of course) "Block Reason:0"


      Is there any property that contains the error or templatename?


      Thank you



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