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    McAfee Agent



      Does the Agent need both the IP address and the server name to report back to the ePO server. Specifically is it possible to omit the IP address and just use the server name?





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          Strictly speaking the agent only needs the IP address: it just depends on where it gets the IP address from


          The agent will first attempt to connect directly to the IP address specified in the sitelist. If this fails, it will then do a DNS lookup on the FQDN, and attempt to connect to the IP address returned by this. If this fails it will try and resolve just the netbios name of the machine and connect to that.


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            Very useful. Thanks Joe. So just to following on, if packaging up the MA for deployment by an automated method would it be acceptable just to have the IP address in the Sitelist? Assuming the IP address isn't going to change.

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              Can I ask what it is you're trying to achieve? There shouldn't be any need to edit the sitelist (and we very strongly recommend against it.) If you were to do this, all you would be doing is crippling the agent...





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                Ideally I would like to be able to take out the IPaddress and just leave an alias host name so after packageing the MA it can be deployed in different ePO environments. If that makes sense?

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                  Ah - that's kind of the reverse of what you said earlier


                  Again, I'd strongly recommend against this. The sitelist contains more than just the location of the server - in particular it contains the server's SSL certificates for the clients to use, so if you change the sitelist to point to a different server the certs won't match and the agents won't be able to communicate.

                  Additionally the framepkg contains the server's keys, so if you change the sitelist to point to different server, the agent won't be able to communicate either (unless you import into each ePO server the keys from every other server.)

                  You're going to have to have a sitelist per server anyway, so you might as well stick with a framepkg per server.


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                    Thanks Joe. Makes sense.