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    New Query

      I want to create a query that list the non business connected devices to the the local network.

      I know this is not the purpose of the EPO, but why not use it for that.


      any suggestion.

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          Sounds like you need to employ Rogue System Detection. Define what is your local area network, then see what shows up as detected by the sensors.

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            RSD is now part of ePO, so it's not like you would have to pay for anything extra. Moreover, the Rogue Sensors are very straight-forward. They are small, simple, and easy to troubleshoot.


            Usually it's finding ways to use the data that gets collected that causes people trouble.



            Whenever you do get some sensors deployed, make sure you are querying for 'Detected Systems' rather than 'Managed Systems'.

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              thank you guys, appreciate your quick reply.


              RSD is already installed, now will you be kind and help this noob to build a query for that step by step.



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                Dont really need a query. Just go to Menu ->Systems -> Detected systems, this is if you are using ePO 4.5.


                This is your RSD dashboard, from here you can get probably everything you are looking for.

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                  I'm using ePO4.0.

                  Most of the detected systems are company's properties but without AGENT.

                  Do I have to manually differentiate them?


                  Thank you for your effort