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    Bandwidth Throttling and 7.1.5


      Does anyone have an example of this rule or know if it is explaned in the new Product Guide? I looked through the Product Guide and couldn't find one.



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          this should be in the Product Guide, but I guess it's well hidden. I found it under Web Filtering > Supporting functions > Bandwidth throttling.


          It's fairly simple, there are only two Events that you can trigger in your rules:


          • Throttle.Server
          • Throttle.Client


          Throttle.Server will limit the connection speed from the server to the proxy (response). Throttle.Client the one from the client browser to the proxy (request).


          As parameter you define the desired bandwith in kbps that you want for this connection. The limit is only for the request or the response where you triggered the event.





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            Just as a side note:


            The throttling will probably only to larger files. It won´t really be visible for usual Web Traffic, such as Web Sites or small images. Please test with a file which has a few MB in size to verify the throttling works as expected.




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              Thanks for pointing that out! It's easy to get losdt in 300-some-odd pages

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                Aaaaaaaaand......as a hint, you might want to place the throttling rule set relatively high in the whole tree structure as throttling won't work properly in case a filter has requests the whole object already... what this means for you? You just might want to place this directly beyond and authentication rule sets you have.

                Adding a sample rule set.




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                  Actually, we were thinking about opening up our MWG and letting people go mostly wherever they wish. I was considering putting a Media Type Download Throttling rule more in the middle for a certain group of users, so they don't abuse music and video.