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    Akamai Download Manager

      Hi everyone,

      How do I exclude Akamai Download Manager from been blocked by McAfee VS 8.5i?
      I am running ePO 4.0.

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          Find which access protection rule its breaking from the access protection log on an affected PC and then insert an exclusion for the executable into that rule on the EPO server and apply to the pc in question
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            Are you sure it's McAfee causing the problem..?? I recently had a devil of a time downloading some files from the MSDN site.. It also uses the Akamai Download Manager and needs to install its own ActiveX control.. In my case, I found it to be a problem with my HOSTS file and Internet Explorer 7 combination.. After disabling my HOSTS file and changing the IE7 security to "medium", then closing and reopening IE7, the download manager was able to install it's ActiveX component and it worked fine.

            Hope this helps.