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    Automatic scan of USB-Sticks using VSE 8.5.0i



      does anyone know of a way to automatically scan a USB drive or any kind of external media automatically when it is plugged in using VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i?
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            I do not know of any way to trigger an On-Demand Scan of the removable storage media within the normal VSE software; however, the On-Access Scanner will scan any data before allowing access to it--if configured properly. While this disctinction is trivial to some people, others find it unacceptable. Certainly, things can be scripted, but that effort is generally beyond the limits of acceptable use.


            I usually recommend that people look at the spirit of policy requirements and/or guidance, rather than literal interpretation.


            The larger risk for most people is physical access to the device. Most large organizations do not adequately secure their physical assets. For example, you might use software or GPOs to try to secure USB ports, maybe even disable the AutoRun feature within Windows; however, if you haven't locked the BIOS/CMOS and physically keyed the case, then you really haven't prevented use of those ports. You have only made it harder to use via 'normal' operation.


            Complicating the situation more, is that many IT professionals and hobbyists walk around with a USB stick full of all their favorite utilities. Many involve booting from the device and using an alternative OS to perform a simple task like imaging a system... or in some cases transferring files, cracking password and worse. Preventing this activity is crucial. I understand that these toys are useful and can be used to do good, but they can just as easily be used with malice.


            Just my two cents.