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      Hello everybody.A pc-user has many issues.My security scan plus i not doing what it is supposed to do,it wants to update every time i activate it,and off course i do so,but when i ask it to scan my security status(which should take few seconds or minutes) it tells me scan again as if it has done what it should do,and when i try to scan again it says action in progress and keep doing so. i have had mcafee internet security suite recently and have used security scan plus many times before and it is not reponding as it used to.please advice anyone kind regards casi (ecscuse me my gramma i am danish)

          Peter M

          Security Scan Plus is not protection software. It is merely a tool to tell you that you need this and that security protection.  Uninstall it via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (Vista/Windows 7) or Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (XP) in the normal manner.   Then install proper security software if you haven't done so already.


          It is installed as an option with some other manufacturers' products, Adobe Reader or Flash for instance, and you obviously missed the optional uncheck box.   Always be careful what you are downloading otherwise you'll end up with all sorts of unneeded toolbars and software.


          By the way your grammar is excellent.



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            Also see KB68706 -  Unwanted McAfee Security Scan Plus popup windows.



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              Peter M

              As home users aren't familiar with the Corporate database HERE's an article on it from the Consumer one, and HERE's one on how to uninstall it.

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                thank you Ex_Britt for everything you have been more than helpfull,I do not know how to thank you,youhave been the solution to many issues. i am now registret in the w 7 forum you was so kind to advise me about.one of the things i have achived because of you is a free solution to registry booster 2011,but i have a malfunction but the information about it is gone so quickly that i do not know what it is something about registration files but the errors registry booster 2011 detected should have been removed with ccleaner that was recomended not by you but in w 7 forums.but if i am infected with anything should mcafee total protection not have noticed me? i am afraid that i need your expert advice once more,if you please.very kind regards casi.

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                  Peter M

                  Be very wary of any registry cleaners/boosters/optimizers as they invariably destroy legitimate software by removing necessary registry keys.   Also only use CCleaner under advice from someone in that forum or in a malware removal forum unless you know exactly what you are doing.


                  McAfee VirusScan and Firewall protect against millions of bad things but there isn't such a thing as perfect 100% protection.    It's up to you to surf wisely and carefully, keep your Windows and associated software/hardware up to date and keep a few extra anti-malware tools on hand and updated ready to go.  I've mentioned a few here:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168