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    Hotfix 320829 in epo and I check in 8.5 patch 4

      We have epo 3.6.1 and most of my users have V8.5.

      Months ago I checked in 8.5 Patch 1 and hotfix 320829 and so my clients also have P1 with this hotfix.

      I am testing 8.5 Patch 4 on some computers before I check patch 4 into EPO.

      On computers with patch 4 installed that go to the EPO server to get their new DAT files, I see the error:

      Starting HotFix update.
      Monday, February 25, 2008 2:05:00 PM Info Script Update failed to version HotFix 320829.

      This is because patch 4 includes this hotfix, I imagine.

      Question: if I check patch 4 into EPO will all my users see this error (isn't hurting anything but I would rather not have it appear in the log..)