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    Please help... "Computer at Risk: Real-Time Scanning is off!"

      Dear McAfee,


      I wondered if you could help. Over the past couple of weeks my McAfee Total Protection software has not been working correctly. Upon turning my laptop on (which i have owned for nearly 3 years) and when using it i am presented with a warning stating that my "computer is at risk". When i click on the error message and Total Protection opens it states that Real-Time Scanning is off. When clicking on the 'Turn on' button it states that it is turned on for about 10 seconds and then goes back to state that it is turned off. I cannot seem to get the Real-Time scan to stay on.


      I have installed and the McAfee Virtual Technician which performed a scan on my McAfee products and it found 6 issues. It then fixed each of the issues and asked me to reboot my laptop which i did. Once my laptop had rebooted it stated that the issues had been fixed. To double check i ran the scan again and no further issues were found. Following the scan i went back to try and turn on the Real-Time and it is still not staying on or working properly.


      I am a little concerned that there is an issue with the protection that my McAfee protection is providing and that there are potential virus or issues with my laptop. I would therefore be most grateful for your guidance as soon as possible.


      Please find below some additional information:


      Laptop:                          Dell Inspiron 1525

      Operating System:      Windows 7

      McAfee Product:           McAfee Total Protection 2011


      With many thanks for your help



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          Same problem here, happens at least once a month.  I keep updating and eventually the "At Risk" messages stop- sometimes takes a day.  Also, I can't scan my computer for viruses when this happens.  Virtual Tech says I have no problems.  I see many others having this problem, but there are no solutions so far...

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            OK, now the "At Risk... Real-Time Scanning Is Off" is happening on a daily basis... frequently throughout the day.  Also, when I try to run any kind of virus scan, my computer locks up and I eventually get an error message from McAfee that the scan could not be completed. (It usually doesn't get past 1%.) 


            Oh wait, RT scanning just turned off again....... let me turn it on....


            OK, it's back on... where was I...  My internet access is working normally.  My McAfee updates are current- I've updated more times than I can count in the hopes the issue will be resolved.  MVT finds no problems.  I am unable to download the oas tool- when I click on the link I just get a page with a few lines of text/code. (I would show you, but apparently I can't paste the info into these blogs.)  So, I guess I'm left with trying an uninstall/reinstall? 


            There it goes again.....  one sec...


            My employer provided this computer and installed all the software, so I will likely have to take my CPU in to the IT dept.  My company is over an hour away in driving time- 2.5 hours round trip, plus however many hours it takes them to get McAfee working properly, if possible.  How many days of work will be missed when I'm without my computer? 


            Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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              Hi Katie & lostsoul,


              1. Did you recently perform any changes to your computer , lijke a system restore (taking the PC back to an earlier date ??)
              2. Do you have  (or let me say) ; Did you previously have a different security software on the PC.
                Open security center > Click on About and let me know the version of  Security center , Virus scan & DAT .




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                Thank you for replying Dinz,

                I've only ever had McAfee security software on this computer, and when I check my Windows action center it lists McAfee as my virus, spyware, and firewall protection.  I have not done any recent restore- last fall my employer's IT dept did have to reinstall/restore programs when the PC battery died and my computer though it was 1980.  I can't think of any changes I've made.  I don't know if it makes a difference, but I've always used Firefox for my web browser.

                McAfee security center version 11.0, virus scan version 15.0, DAT version 6444.  

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                  Some threats and worms initially tries to stop working of security products(registry entries for security products may modified by threat) so kindly dowload the latest stinger and perform full scan . if the problem still exist kindly reinstall the product


                  Thanks and Regards


                  Lakshmanan S