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    Cannot update-issues with Malwarebytes free version?

      Computer using Vista SP2- I E 8


      Had some issues with connecting to internet and computer tech supposedly did full system recovery. He then installed a trial version of McAfee on computer which would not update. I uninstalled trial and reinstalled Full version McAfee from the website.  It would not update so I downloaded Malwarebytes free to check for malware, which found no problems.  Contacted McAfee who used remote access and changed some things in IE and replaced host files which they say were corrupted.  The McAfee employee uninstalled McAfee using MCPR.exe then instructed me to download the McAfee files again before rebooting. Computer acted strange but didn't appear to download. She then instructed me to reboot and download the files. When I downloaded it installed, then uninstalled then had me reboot. It then installed again asking to remove Malwarebytes. I said no because all the info I have read says that the free version will work fine with McAfee. 


      I am having the same problem now that I had prior to installing the Malwarebytes but McAfee tech is telling me that Malwarebytes is a conflict.


      The error messages  show as "The Entry <C:|PrgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ProgramsMcAfee\MCAFEESECURITYCENTER.LNK> in the hash map cannot be updated.

      A device attached to the system is not functioning. (0x8007001f)


      Unsure what to do now.

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          Ran MVT it shows Engine Up to Date

          Expected 5200

          Existing 5400


          DAT Up To Date


          Expected 5409

          Existing 6405


          This is what it has shown since we started having the problems with the McAfee updates. Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.

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            You have to uninstall MBAM in  order to install McAfee properly.  We have asked them to revamp the warning notices that appear so that people are more clearly advised.  Reinstall MBAM afterwards and all should be OK.


            Try installing IE9 as it is more secure and make sure it is set to its default settings as McAfee relises on that whether or not it's your default browser.

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              Hi, Mcafee updates have been a bit funny the last year or so.That said,you may have to uninstall and reinstall.First uninstall Malwarebytes.For some reason Mcafee is not compatible with Malwarebytes (only if it is installed before Mcafee) Download MCPR from top of this page under useful links. Then uninstall Mcafee from control panal, programs and features.Turn on your windows firewall after you uninstall Mcafee.Reboot computer after uninstall.Then run MCPR tool.Reboot again.Then reinstall Mcafee.Then reinstall Malwarebytes.

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                Thanks for the responses. When I first started having problems, I didn't have mbam installed.  I only  downloaded mbam to check things out because McAfee wouldn't update. Seems like McAfee needs to work out some bugs. Since McAfee cannot detect everything, why can't it be configured to work with mbam free without the fuss.

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                  Well,I can`t argue with that statement.They have many problems to work out.I have at least 3 that I know of that have not been resolved myself.

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                    There are many things that will fool regular antivirus software hence the need for things like Malwarebytes and similar.   The only problem McAfee has with Malwarebytes Free is that it must be uninstalled before installing McAfee otherwise problems can and do occur with falied installation of various components.   MBAM can be reinstalled afterwards and used with no problems.  McAfee are working on the alerts that should be appearing when this happens.


                    One of the developers of Malwarebytes ahs something interesting to say:


                    A quote from one of the lead developers of MalwareBytes (Bruce Harrison) :


                    As far as why MBAM is very good at dealing with this infection, that is simple. MBAM is designed to be very good at dealing with malware that the AVs seem to be having problems with. I do not spend my time making MBAM detect millions of infections that any decent AV already detects as MBAM is DESIGNED to work alongside antivirus software, not replace it.  A huge chunk of the research that goes into MBAM revolves around what we see making it into HJT threads as the vast majority of these threads involve antivirus software that was in some way bypassed.


                    Lets settle this now and avoid any further misinformation. MBAM is now a very good backup to any antivirus software and will only get better in the future. MBAM will NEVER add antivirus abilities to its core app and is always advised to be used WITH antivirus software. We actually get this question a lot in the forums and I assure you that we always say :

                    "No, MBAM can't replace your existing antivirus software and is not designed to."


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                      Well I know this is true and I also agree with your statement in another post.That The consumer should be informed about uninstalling Malwarebytes.Before the install of Mcafee not during.