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    e002000a & Safetech


      I encrypted a machine with EEPC 5.2.4.  This is an OFFLINE installation set.  Them machine encrypted successfully.  I restarted and logged onto PBA successfully.  There are no errors in the Status/SBCLIENTLOG.  Now I'm trying to use Safetech to decrypt the drive.  I typed in the code of the day with no errors.  When I try to authenticate from SBFS, I'm asked to enter a user name and password.  Once I type in my credentials, I receive this error:


      "Setting the disk key failed with error:  E002000A"


      Next, I click OK and I receive another error:


      "Authenticating the user failed with error:  E002000A"


      Any ideas as to why I can't decrypt?  Is there another way, in Safetech, to decrypt?