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    SiteAdvisor 3 Enterprise issue with Adobe website

      I was curious if anyone else that is using SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3 is having an issue when accessing the main www.adobe.com page.  When I navigate to it via the brower it opens up about 8 pop up boxes and totally freezes my Internet Explorer.  The pop up box is from SiteAdvisor and indicates a super long string of numbers and letters.  Red of course.  Only way out of it is to kill the iexplorer.exe process.   When I look in the logs for SiteAdvisor on my ePO server nothing comes up for the machine I am on and what the sites were actually opening.  There is no trace of it.


      Is anyone else having this issue or can verify they can get to adobe fine?



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          I just tested it and it came up fine.  The SiteAdvisor report page shows all green......




          There are ALLOt of javascripts being loaded - are you running VirusScan - maybe its the scriptscan? If you disable the browser add-on in IE, does it work?




          There are a few logs under Application Data Folder\McAfee\Siteadvisor in a few subfolders - post them up and lets take a look!



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            Ok I went ahead and disabled them one at a time.  If I disable the Toolbar it works fine.  I looked under my login and in Application Data and found no Siteadvisor folders though.  I did find one under All Users called Application Data\McAfee\SiteAdvisor\McSACore.exe and the log has this entry times a ton.


            2011-07-15 11:37:54 Crit .\sa_dss.c MYlogger 1242  Unable to resolve domain for http://



            As for the siteadvisor report page on McAfee for Adobe yeah I ran that and it said it was fine thats what lead me to post this.  Wasn't sure if maybe my ePO is infected or what.  Oh just FYI yes I do have block enabled for Ant-Spyware Maximum Protection and I have a rule in there for anything *.js


            Also a quick note would you mind taking a look at my ohter post in regards to Popups.



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              Are you still seeing this as a problem? There are reported issues with third party web site applications that cause an issue with the browser. See KB71826.