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    Disfunctional McAfee TP - White Screen, Missing Components

      Computer Description:


      Microsoft Windows XP

      Media Center Edition

      Version 2002

      Service Pack 3


      T2050 @ 1.60 GHz

      1.60 GHz. 0.99 GB of RAM


      Hi there,


      I believe there are a number of problems wrong with McAfee and now my laptop ... McAfee TP has not opened up to the 'home page' - all that shows is a blank white screen. I am not running beta internet browser programs (I use IE, Firefox, and Chrome) and cannot open the 'search' function either as there is a blank screen when I try to navigate there. Additionally, the entire 'Help and Support' feature will not open. I found a topic that addressed this, and did all of the ideas suggested (stopped System Restore, Stinger scan, CMD prompts, Malware Byte scan, etc) but it still didn't work - I tried the Virtual Technician, and this is what it showed. It looks as though we're missing some components ... should I try reinstalling McAfee? I suspect there is some sort of virus that I cannot get rid of.


      I'd appreciate any ideas, and thank you in advance!!

      Mcafee - VT.bmp


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